Industrial IoT Technology Innovators

Intelligent ERP solutions for industrial productivity challenges

Vayeron is a leading Industrial IoT technology company providing solutions to the challenges faced by bulk materials handling processes. Our solutions anchor physical plant & equipment to the digital world.

Innovations that enable agility, reliability and scalability of engineering operations

We help our customers to simplify their operational data sources for business-critical process machinery through the development of integratable technologies, allowing the maximisation of efficiencies and reduction of “condition monitoring” operational costs.


Our mission is to be represented in all corners of the globe. We have a number of Value-Added Resellers (VARs) who consist of in-country and software and data providers. We partner our customers with the most compatible vendors and solution providers to enable the best end-to-end solutions. This means our customers are supported with our innovations in their country, in their own language. This makes Vayeron truly a global enterprise.

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Vayeron provides reliable, predictive, measurable and sustainable monitoring solutions for global bulk material handling applications.


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We’re leading the way in smart condition monitoring.


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Enabling reliable predictive maintenance.