Industrial IoT Technology Innovators


Vayeron exists to empower real progress and possibility to every corner of the planet through innovative and reliable technology.

Innovation Focus

Looking forward and learning from the past.

The world is evolving at a rapid pace. The systems that worked previously are becoming outdated and the only change that can be made is to innovate. 

Vayeron provides seamless solutions for the globally important and rapidly expanding industrial IoT growth among companies who are undertaking critical digitalisation initiatives.

Vayeron’s product offering has been developed to be integrated within the wider asset management systems deployed at these operations. 

We will link your physical products to the digital world. Our technology can be used to enhance your profits by solving critical productivity issues within your organisation.

Environmental, Social and Governance

Our commitment to present needs and future preservation.

With activities in a diverse set of global regions, it is our corporate responsibility to help improve the efficiency of the industries we operate within. Our technologies assist companies do more with less and as a result, reduce their environmental impact.

Lean and efficient is at the core of everything we do. We bring this philosophy to our product development and customer value proposition whilst positively contributing to the communities we serve.

Cutting edge technology

Revolutionising productivity.

Vayeron is an OEM technology company committed to providing high-quality, high return on investment, intelligent solutions that anchor physical equipment to the digital world.

We aim to equip our customers with tools that assist in helping their staff lead safe, effective and rewarding roles within their organisation.

How can we help you accelerate your digital transformation?

Reducing downtime, simplifying maintenance and improving staff safety is as easy as contacting us today about our cutting edge technology.