Industrial IoT Technology Innovators

Our vision for the future.

Bulk material handling made easy with intelligent industrial products.

Vayeron is a leading Industrial IoT technology company providing solutions to industrial process productivity challenges that anchor physical equipment to the digital world.

We conceptualise, manufacture, and sell wireless monitoring technologies which are innovative and unique in their design and capability. Our objective is to make products that are easy to deploy, operate and maintain whilst achieving a high return on investment for the end-user.

We operate our global business from Mackay, Queensland, Australia and utilise a network of partners and representatives to establish a ‘whole-of-product’ offering to ensure that any  customer has access to a full product experience enriched by sales/after-sales support and product ecosystem value.

We strive for the following:


Lead the way in product development for the bulk materials handling space with a focus on reducing downtime, fires and maintenance and increasing data availability and management. 
Create new-to-world products.

Be the Benchmark

The Vayeron way of evolving solutions is unique, we want to set the standard at which other companies will strive to attain.

Efficiency in Company and Product

A global company with a ‘branch office’ size.

Products that are easy to deploy, use and provide high returns on investment for their owners through minimising downtime and maximising efficiency.

Community Pride

Be a global company that Mackay can be proud of

Contribute to Mackay’s global renown

Assist in making our community profitable and economically robust

Vayeron aims to become a globally renowned technology innovator through the development of useful technologies that allow industries to maximise efficiencies and reduce operational costs.


Originality  |  Integrity  |  Efficiency  |  Sustainability

We will forge our own path and create new solutions, whilst considering the customer’s best interests and ensuring longevity through optimal performance.

This will ensure that we are successful in the long term.