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Company Profile

Intelligent ERP technology driven solutions for industrial productivity challenges

Vayeron is a leading Industrial IoT technology company providing solutions to the challenges faced by bulk materials handling operations. Our solutions anchor physical plant & equipment to the digital world.

We deliver innovations that enable agility, reliability and scalability of engineering operations.

About Vayeron

Vayeron provides reliable, predictive, measurable and sustainable monitoring solutions for global bulk material handling applications.  

Our team is a collection of experienced, qualified and passionate people who enjoy being part of Vayeron. We collectively innovate  advanced solutions using our understanding of the bulk materials handling space and our intrinsic knowledge of how to optimally integrate IoT solutions and unchartered technology to ‘Simply Solve Big Problems’ for our customers.. 

In 2017 Vayeron started life as a small start up, since then we have shed our fledgling wings and have crafted a place in the bulk materials handling space as an innovator and thought leader in the industry. 

We’re committed to simplifying the art of problem solving, inventing innovative and responsive products and commercialising them in global markets.

We help our customers to simplify their operational data sources for business-critical process machinery through the development of integratable technologies, allowing the maximisation of efficiencies and reduction of “condition monitoring” operational costs.


Our mission is to give our customers the ability to Shift from the ‘run to failure’ model to the new world, low-cost, data driven predictive model of doing business.


Vayeron strives to become a globally renowned technology innovator through the development of useful technologies that allow industries to maximise efficiencies and reduce operational costs.

We will forge our own path and create new solutions, whilst considering the customer’s best interests and ensuring longevity through optimal performance.

The Vayeron way of evolving solutions is unique, we want to set the standard at which other companies will strive to attain. We will lead, they will follow!

What we do:

We conceptualise, design and manufacture IoT products to assist the bulk materials handling space with maximising efficiencies through the collection of useful data that can predict, protect and proactively point out when a maintenance action is required.

Who we serve:

We supply our products to the tier one mining and bulk handling sector and its suppliers. We work intrinsically with roller and conveyor manufacturers who choose to implement our products with theirs as an integrated solution – future proofing their plant and equipment into their markets.

Our Products

Smart-Idler® We conceptualise, design and engineer products that are easy to deploy, use and provide high returns on investment for their owners through minimising downtime and maximising efficiency. 

We will continue to engineer IoT solutions that improve the bulk materials handling space, as well as other industrial sectors, building  a range of products that provide critical data solutions to these end-user operators. 

Currently we have developed our flagship Smart-Idler® technology which is supported as a system by two additional products to provide a complete solution for conveyor equipment manufacturers and conveyor operators who are seeking to deploy best in-class technologies within their business and gain the operational edge in today’s data driven world. These products are; 





Additionally, we have released our newly developed Wireless Inclinometer for Underground Longwall equipment automation. The Inclinometer represents a significant cost and deployment efficiency for Longwall operators seeking to obtain spatial information for their Longwall horizon control systems.


3G/4G Gateway
End-of-Line (EOL)
Wireless Inclinometer

Service & Support Commitment

We can come to site to help commission our products into your plant as required. We offer a 24/7 online platform for you to gather your data all from the comfort of your control room. 

Our team is available during business hours to troubleshoot any data anomalies and assist with your system commissioning and any additional start-up support that you may require such as system and product specific training.

We conduct system integration work per customer requirements to ensure that our technologies are seamlessly linked with existing software, systems and ERP platforms that our customers may already be using. Our aim is to vertically integrate into our customers ‘business as usual’ systems to minimise the change management required in adopting our technologies.

We are committed to being there for our customers every step of the way.

Our products are smart, we design them so that they integrate directly providing insights with the platforms they are already using, which means we fit with the customers instead of the customers having to build systems to fit with us . 

Our ultimate goal is to provide every customer globally, with an accessible solution to enable the shift from run to failure practices, to the new world of low-cost data-driven predictive practices.  

Our international team of value added resellers and premium partners allow us to make our product and qualified team available on a global scale.

Data Accessing

Our products provide valuable data that will help you to identify risk, fire, imminent failure and prevent downtime from halting production.

When a conveyor roller bearing fails, a roller can overheat, seize or collapse. A failed roller can result in a safety hazard and serious damage to other parts of the conveyor, knowing when this is about to take place can preempt a significant safety hazard and save time and money. The data is the key, obtaining this data is the work and the sensors we create are the key. 

For example:- Embedding a smart condition monitoring component within the rollers themselves (the source of the problem) allows for real time, remote monitoring of the conveyor rollers. 

This allows companies to know about every roller that is approaching end-of-life in advance of catastrophic failure and avoid roller related downtime as well as unplanned maintenance. 

Our Smart-Idler® communicates wirelessly. The system automatically alerts an operator of any unusual idler conditions and provides information in real time that may be used to make intelligent targeted decisions about idler maintenance schedules and inventory management. The system can be integrated with existing analytics and control platforms and data historians.

Average high producing mines can save up to USD $500K per hour and USD $20M per annum in roller related downtime costs by using this revolutionary system.

We can make your data available for you to ingest into any 3rd party software package, control system or on-premises solution that you prefer, we work with you to ensure a third party API is possible with the systems you run.  

The data that runs through our program allow us to have an overarching view of all operational and deployed rollers that are being monitored using Smart-Idler® tech . As a result of this we are rapidly building the world’s largest dataset on bearing life cycle behaviour in bulk materials handling operations. This data is crucial to the conveyor market and the end-user operators because the performance of the bearings and rotating components used within this equipment directly impacts profitability. Our data insights will help us to strengthen the products offered to the market by component suppliers, preempt issues and provide concrete evidence of what fails, when and why.

Design & Engineering

Our team of electronics and mechanical engineers conceptualise and develop the proprietary and groundbreaking technology that sets Vayeron apart. The collective thought bank of talent we have at Vayeron propels us forwards as leaders in the Industrial IoT condition monitoring space. 

  • Electronics Design Engineering – specialists in low powered, wireless RF based systems that cost and performance optimised.
  • Mechanical & Industrial Engineering – specialists in materials selection, tolerance and manufacturing control, and competent in producing ruggedised products for harsh environments.
  • Embedded Systems and Software Engineering – The people in our business that handle the device connections and ensure that everything seamlessly communicates with servers, historians and our partner software systems.

We have in-house prototyping and production capability as well as an extensive supplier network that ensures all of our products are manufactured to exceed customer expectations. Vayeron has invested in ensuring secure access to high capacity electronics manufacturing equipment and as a result can meet project demand for unit supply of hundreds of thousands per annum.

Quality Management Systems

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we adhere to strict quality measures and systems in adherence with BSI- ISO 9001:2015 guidelines.

We instil professionalism, integrity, commitment and passion in everything we do.

Vayeron will continually improve the quality of its products, services and the effectiveness of our engagement with our stakeholders through:

  • Developing and maintaining quality consciousness among all management and staff members
  • Establishing quality objectives with plans and measuring our progress against meaningful targets
  • Recruiting, developing and retaining highly qualified, skilled, experienced and motivated staff
  • Providing a positive, fair and nurturing work environment and intellectual culture for our staff members
  • Developing efficient and effective means of internal communication and coordination among team members
  • Continually monitoring and improving customer satisfaction by receiving customer feedback and taking appropriate actions.
  • Our company has been certified to ISO 9001:2015 by the British Standards Institute, BSI.

As part of our stringent QA procedure we ensure that every roller that leaves the manufacturing plant is checked and verified for signal & robustness using our own EOL. Each roller also has a barcode assigned to it for field installation requirements.

Risk Management & Safety

We take risk seriously at Vayeron, which is why we keep an updated risk management register at all times. We have a zero risk policy and strive to ensure that our team and our customers are safe at all times whilst manufacturing and installing our products.

Certifications & Awards

Our products meet or exceed various regulatory, safety and environmental requirements.


  • Australian Coal Association Research Program (ACARP) – Innovation and Research, product development.
  • Austmine – Australian METS membership body
  • Resource Industry Network (RIN) – Mackay’s industry membership body
  • Split Spaces – Entrepreneurship, Creativity, Innovation
  • METS Ignited – Mining Equipment Technology and Services sector champion
  • Austrade – Export & Foreign Market Guidance/Assistance
  • Aus Industry – Commercialisation Assistance
  • Arc Innovation Hub – Technology MVP specialists


Our Conveyor roller manufacturer "Premium Partners" 

These companies are partnering with Vayeron in key regions around the world with the aim to offer their smart roller product range powered by Vayeron’s Smart-Idler® sensor embedded within their products.

  • CPS 
  • PPI
  • RKM
Value Added Resellers

Our Value Added Resellers (VARs) consist of in-country partners and software & data providers. We partner our customers with the most compatible vendors and solution providers to enable the best end-to-end solutions

  • TSA
  • Shell & IBM’s OREN Marketplace


As a thought leader in the innovation space, where the development of smart sensors and the generation of methods to capture, manage and deliver data is our daily project, we believe that holding a conscious thought for being sustainable is part of our business as usual mindset.. 

At Vayeron we create efficiencies in the bulk handling industry which globally minimise process and maintenance waste as a consequence of the tangible products that we sell. 

Part of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) is to eliminate carbon emissions, our product actually contributes towards actively adhering to and meeting this goal. 

Our policy is not to print anything, so all of our marketing and communication is created and transmitted digitally.


Vayeron leads the way in product development for the bulk materials handling space with a focus on reducing downtime, fires and maintenance and increasing data availability and management.

Driven by innovation, fuelled by technology.

With quality assurance and sustainability at our core, we partner with leading conveyor equipment manufacturers with a shared vision of progressive, cost-effective and reliable products across industries such as mines, shipping ports, process plants, pulp and paper, steel mills and power stations.

Vayeron’s focus on hardware-driven solutions and interoperability reinforces the company as a technology leader in the industry.