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Industry standard vibration analysis on your rotating equipment. Cost Savings | Team Efficiency | Reliable and Predictive Tech

The bulk materials handling space can be technical and sometimes dangerous if the machines used to manage the materials are not adequately maintained.

Catastrophic failures can occur if something is wrong with the bearings within the rotating equipment on the conveyor system.

There are multiple reasons why these parts fail, but monitoring them can be made easier with innovative technology from Vayeron.

Avoid bearing failure events on your bulk materials handling machines by monitoring the rotating components such as the conveyor pulleys using Vayeron’s BearingBud™.

Our real time 24/7 autonomous vibration analysis sensor will allow you to detect any anomalies and send a signal back through our gateway to the safety of the control room to alert the maintenance team to the exact location where action is required.

Enjoy significant costing savings and team efficiencies with our innovative solutions.

Vayeron provides reliable, predictive, measurable, and sustainable monitoring solutions for global bulk material handling applications.


Real-time vibration analysis of high value rotating conveyor components using the BearingBud™

  • Real-time 24/7 autonomous vibration monitoring of conveyor pulleys
  • Completely wireless design requires no external wiring
  • Quick and easy install on rotating equipment
  • Typically requires 1 Gateway per 6 BearingBud’s™
  • Low cost, high-performance design
  • Intrinsically safe for Zone 0, Group I (Ex ia I Ma).
  • Consumable/replaceable item (OPEX)
  • Designed to meet IP67 requirements


Download our datasheet for detailed technical specifications

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