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End-of-Line (EOL) Verification


As part of our stringent QA procedure we ensure that every roller that leaves the manufacturing plant is checked and verified for signal, robustness and has a barcode assigned to it for field installation requirements.

We offer this piece of equipment to roller and conveyor manufacturers so you can use the same quality assurance model that we do and so you can be certain that the idlers you are placing into your rollers are in full working order to capture the best real time data.


The EOL is factory acceptance test equipment that ensures every Smart-Idler® heading for a customers conveyor has been quality-verified.

EOL’s are used in the factory by conveyor roller manufacturers to test every roller containing a Smart-Idler® sensor as it comes off the smart roller production line to ensure that assembled smart rollers containing Smart-Idler® are fit for purpose, produce a robust radio signal and once verified, are assigned their unique bar codes for field installation.

  • Smart-Idler®This is our proprietary QA testing station for every idler we manufacture, now you can have the power of QA at your fingertips.