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Maximise efficiencies, reduce downtime, avoid fires and increase lifecycle of your rollers with the Smart-Idler®

Vayeron specialises in empowering key bulk handling assets with real-time analytics capability and predictive data, by enabling conveyor rollers to provide accurate insights of machine condition.

Vayeron Smart-Idlers® measure the following: 

  • On-board vibration analysis 
  • Indicative shell wear and carry back build up analysis of roller tube 
  • Temperature of both bearings 
  • RPM
  • Rotation count 
  • Belt skipping events 

Failed and failing idlers can cause conveyor belt damage, overheating temperatures and noise pollution.

Smart idler technology gives you the ability to monitor your idlers autonomously and online 24/ 7 providing predictive maintenance insight, preemptive failure detection, and increased safety while reducing downtime.

Vayeron smart idlers have bearing temperature vibration and rpm sensing as well as the ability to detect shell wear.

The wireless communication allows end users to save money and time monitoring and replacing idlers during unscheduled maintenance.

 Components include a rotor that generates rotational energy for the smart idler, a stator that is shaft-mounted to harvest the rotational energy and also contains the on-board processing capabilities and an antenna cover ensuring the smart idler antenna is not damaged in the field.

A gateway is used to collect the idler roll data and interfaces to a plc or cloud-based server via cell tower wi-fi or internet over ethernet connection.

Vayeron is able to support end users through a licensing program which allows the user to gather real time data

Data Access Monitoring

The data you can obtain from your Smart-Idlers is the real gold. The whole reason for installing Vayeron Smart-Idlers ® is to be able to gather critical data to identify when and where the problem on your conveyor may be about to take place.

So it makes sense to have each roller connected to the gateway and the data delivered back to base. To manage this we have a data access monitoring subscription which makes the data available for you to ingest into any 3rd party software package, control system or on-premises solution that you prefer. The costing depends on how many Vayeron Smart-Idlers® you have working in your plant.

Contact us to obtain your customised quote for your exact operation as the price is dependent on the quantity of rollers you have installed.

Product Datasheet

Download our datasheet for detailed technical specifications

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Cyber Security FAQ

Download our Smart-Idler® Cyber Security FAQ for answers to security questions

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