Industrial IoT Technology Innovators


Our technologies enable sustainable condition monitoring solutions across a range of bulk material handling applications.

Leading the Industry

Our priority at Vayeron is being the best at what we do, we achieve this by focusing on hardware simplicity and ease of integration. We help to eliminate issues such as malfunctioning, unplanned downtime and loss of productivity.

Vayeron engineers are asked to solve common problems that impede output and process flow. Vayeron understands the industries we play in and our customers, which is why all of their technologies are designed with the entire predictive maintenance machine learning ecosphere in mind.

Our products are a byproduct of our thought process for solving problems faced by these industries. We are a solution focused innovation hub, where great minds collide for the greater good in process flow.

Our key products include:

EOL Verification System
3G/4G Gateway
Wireless Inclinometer
vayeron v-wad (Medium)

Innovation and integration is key

By providing innovative solutions through in-depth consultation and design with the industry we are able to deliver customised, unique and proprietary innovations that are applicable across multiple applications that integrate with existing dashboards used by the industry. 

Our innovations acquire data from components and bearings that rotate and move, allowing you a window to identify if and when downtime might be about to happen. This drives a reduction in downtime, reduces the risk of fires and also minimises maintenance.

Vayeron’s products and solutions generate insights both as direct data from real-time sources and at an integrative capacity.

Our products enable agility, reliability, and scalability of intelligent engineering operations.

By integrating ERP with IoT-based devices and having secure cloud computing as the foundational infrastructure, organizations can identify and eliminate issues such as  malfunctioning, or unnecessary assets.

Additionally, high-level automation of processes by IoT technology enables plant operations to run on time without constant human management.

Cloud based applications should be easy to integrate by using standardised processes. Vayeron products help you to leverage the data available from your machine based operations.

We aim for our products to change the face of bulk materials handling and keep production rolling.

How can we help you accelerate your digital transformation?

Reducing downtime, simplifying maintenance and improving staff safety is as easy as contacting us today about our Smart-Idler® technology.